The Jupiter Ray Family


Jupiter Ray is a lot more than a 4-piece band, it's a family of professional musicians committed to making your day special and ensuring that the entertainment provided is of the highest possible level.

To make sure that Jupiter Ray continues to provide the ultimate standard of entertainment under any possible circumstance, we have an extended family of experienced musicians poised to perform at any time!


What does this mean if I have a booking, or I am thinking of booking Jupiter Ray?

It means you can relax knowing that Jupiter Ray will always have talented musicians ready to perform - safeguarding your special day.


Rest assured, no matter which 4 members of the Jupiter Ray family will be performing on your big day, we'll be ready to bring our A-game and deliver the signature Jupiter Ray experience!

Laura Wyatt

Laura is an energetic and versatile singer with over 10 years experience performing soul, rock and pop at weddings and events. She is also an established singer songwriter and jazz singer and writes music for TV.

David Carter

Dave is a versatile and solid drummer with years of experience behind the kit as well as in the audio industry itself. He truly practices what he preaches and lays down a solid groove to form the backbone of Jupiter Ray.

Nik Woodham

Nik has vast experience on the bass spanning multiple genres and styles. When he's not gigging he teaches bass, guitar and theory privately in Essex and surrounding areas. With a degree, a masters, and a PGCE in music. We don’t call him The Funk Professor for nothing!

Elliott Thomas

Elliott is a seasoned guitarist with years of gigging experience as well as a decorated career in the pro audio industry. A Product Demonstrator for a number of guitar brands including DigiTech and Washburn, Elliott easily turns his hand to the Soul/Motown style of Jupiter Ray.

Sam Vocals 7
Sam Ryder

Sam is a well toured, world class musician as well as a captivating and energetic frontman. His range of musical styles covers everything from Soul to Metal to Choral and everything in-between.